Adoption Application

Thank you for considering adopting one of Never Ending Tails, Inc. rescue dogs. Please provide complete and accurate information as this information will be used to determine suitability between you and our dogs. Multiple applications for the same animal are evaluated on a first come - first serve basis.

Never Ending Tails reserve the right to refuse an applicant based on the information provided, as well as the results of the application process, with or without disclosure of cause. In the event that we discover that any information entered on this application has been knowingly falsified we will reclaim possession of the adopted dog.

We require a donation for each adopted dog to help offset veterinary costs and care for our rescued dogs. Also, at the time of adoption, you will be required to sign a contract committing to the care of the dog.

If we are unable to supply the dog, you are interested in, your deposit will be refunded. If you are not approved to adopt, your deposit will be refunded. IF YOU CHANGE YOUR MIND FOR ANY REASON, YOUR DEPOSIT WILL NOT BE REFUNDED! We will not process your application unless you select a specific dog and make a deposit of $200 as Never Ending Tails is a Non-Profit and we are all volunteers with limited resources your deposit tells us you are serious and about adopting.

**You must be at least 21 years of age to adopt an animal from this facility**

Applicant Information

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Is any one in the home allergic to animals?

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Animal Care Plan

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Reference Information

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Final Agreements

Is everyone living in the home in agreement about adopting and caring for this animal? (required)

Do you understand the costs, challenges and care required for an animal that may live up to or more than 20 years? (required)

Never Ending Tails adoption contract requires that should you be unable to keep this dog for any reason, you must return the dog to us.
Are you willing to agree to this condition? (required)

STOP……Before you adopt!!!!
Before sending in your application, please STOP and take a minute (or several) to seriously consider what you are about to do. Never Ending Tails Rescue does not encourage impulsive decisions to adopt and wants you to realize that a dog is not a "trial run" item. Dogs are an intelligent breed that bonds quickly with their humans. They should be considered a family member. Don't feel as though you are doing the dog a favor by giving it a home, there are fates a lot WORSE than death for any dog, including a life of isolation, neglect, or abuse. All breeds differ in personality but can be aggressive as any other under socialized dog.

By submitting this application, I affirm that ALL information is true and complete and that no one in the household where the pet will reside has ever been convicted of animal cruelty or abuse. I agree to give permission for a representative of Never Ending Tails to call the references and veterinary practices I have listed. I also understand that a home visit by a Never Ending Tails representative is required for every dog application. I also confirm that I have read or been explain the deposit policy for the dog I am applying for. (required)